The Seeds – The Seeds [Double LP]


It is unusual when an artist transcends their given moment to live on in the consciousness of the listening public. It’s rarer still when an act maintains an ongoing appeal to music fans of all generations, based simply upon the sound of their vintage records. Such is the case with The Seeds. From the time of its recording in early 1965, ‘Can’t Seem To Make You Mine’ may have taken two years to become a hit, but its success was wholly predicated on the record’s unusual resonance. That is why the track remains a vital performance to this day. ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’, too, continues to pack the rudimentary punch that it did when it scaled the charts at the end of 1966, as The Seeds’ lone Top 40 hit. Both of these signal tunes, the groups calling cards if you will, were included on the classic debut album known simply as “The Seeds”. There was an eternal element to Seeds music right from the very start, but it took the post-punk generation to fully appreciate, in its blend of energy and emotion, the timeless quality of the band and its music. -from the extensive liner notes by Alec Palao

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