High-Fi Road to Romance – Vintage Exotica [Digital]

The London Arts Symphony recorded at Abbey Road sounds as good as you would think. The quality of the musicianship and the choice of tunes is top-notch. But how do we persuade people to listen to this kind of music? I always thought this cover was a fun piece of concept art but searching around for fodder to feed into the ever-open maw of our SEO, I discovered that PanAm Flight 7 was indeed a real flight that circumnavigated the globe westward. The flight was nicknamed Romance of Skies, in keeping with our theme here, and one supposes now from the cover and the of-their-time liner notes that our model is off in search of love on her travels. The very first page of Google results, however, paints a more macabre story. Go take a look. This album sat in our vaults for years before we resurrected it for digital. Did previous generations of staff shelve it deliberately?