Future – The Seeds [Double LP]


1967 was an amazing time for Saxon, Daryl Hooper, Jan Savage and Rick Andridge, one where the hard work of the previous two years was finally paying off. Its first six months likely represented the zenith of their career. The ascendant quartet seemed completely in the vanguard, with a major national hit under their belt and a public profile inflated by a manager who was an expert manipulator of the media. The act was also notable in that their first three hits – ‘Pushin’ Too Hard,’ ‘Mr Farmer’ and ‘Can’t Seem To Make You Mine’ – had all been completely different in structure, but shared a common and instantly identifiable sound. And two of these singles were a year or more old at the time that they enjoyed their greatest popularity. The eponymous debut album and its sequel “A Web Of Sound,” had solidified the attitude implied by the hits, and saw the group made defiantly outrageous gestures, both musically and visually. What would the Seeds’ next move be?

The ensuing record seemed at once both calculated and confused. The diffuse, occasionally unsatisfying contents of “Future” came across as anti-climactic at the time, and they have puzzled and divided fans ever since. For some, the album represents The Seeds’ grand psychedelic statement, a mind-blowing articulation of the flower power movement of which they had been proclaimed torchbearers.

As you’ve come to expect from our reissues, this double album features all-new liner notes in a full color booklet from Alec Palao, and the traditional art reproduced in a fresh, classy format.

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